Today we’re coming at you with a fan favorite character statue created by a fan artist. Yup, I’m talking the Wolverine himself. Let’s sink our claws into this review.

Sculpt & Design – 3.75 out of 5

​Wolverine is, by design, a shorter mutant. Standing at only 5’3”, it makes sense that this figure is on the shorter side. It pairs well with other quarter scale statues and provides verisimilitude for the characters. Other statues depict Wolvie a bit taller.
​This design is fairly simple, although it is definitely true to the original comic character.
​There are three interchangeable heads that come with the figure and the first is reminiscent of the character’s original run. His cowl includes shorter side fins and sports whiskers along the nose.
​The second head has what is perhaps the most recognizable version of Wolverine. His cowl has oversized fins/ears and his expression is full of bestial wrath. He bares his teeth at the viewer, promising violence if necessary.
​The final head is another well-known version of our hero. His cowl is gone and instead you can see his untamed hair and mutton chops. His eyebrows are arched and bushy and his mouth is wide open in a furious roar.
​As nice as the three expressions are, there are some issues with the sculpt on Wolvie’s body.
​Overall, he feels too simplistic. His boots and his uniform seem overly plain. Now obviously it matches the simplicity of his comic book costume. Previous collectibles we have reviewed by some of the bigger studios are more detailed, even when staying true to their comic book origins.
​There are also some problems with the whole of Wolverine’s torso. His collarbone, pecs, and have odd ridges and valleys. The muscles of his arms, though nice and beefy, are overly marked with veins and some parts have an odd cottage cheese-like texture. It’s as if his triceps have cellulite.
​There’s definite room for improvement here.

Paint – 4 out of 5

​Mad X is known for producing excellently painted statues and this one is no exception.
​Each of the three expressions conveys varying levels of a 5 o’clock shadow on our hero, something that can be difficult to make apparent by painting.
​An odd detail that was especially impressive? Wolverine’s tongue in the head with no cowl. It’s painted to a level that looks absolutely realistic.
​The stitching and the leather texture on Wolvie’s boots comes across beautifully. The light and shadows across his muscles on the yellow portion of his uniform is very well done. It’s clear that close attention was paid to making the body look authentic.
​The aforementioned veins, although perhaps too plentiful, are painted nicely. It was a risk to paint them so colorfully, but the risk pays off. Wolverine looks like a hulked out bodybuilder with veiny arm muscles.
​The paint job on Wolverine’s adamantium coated claws is beautifully applied. They look and feel like real metal.
​One nit to pick here is at Wolvie’s belt. The paint there just seems simplistic, with primary red and primary yellow masquerading as gold. When there are such good details elsewhere, it’s disappointing to see such a basic paint job on his belt and belt buckle.

Value – 4 out of 5

​Mad X’s pieces always sell out fast. The edition size for this figure was only 75. Original price for the statue was $900, and it is selling on the secondary market for between $1200 and $1500. This is easily one of the rarest Wolverine statues out there, and a hot commodity considering the popularity of the character.
​A minor addition to the value of this piece is the beautifully drawn box art the figure comes with. It’s Wolverine’s signature yellow with black drawings of two of the interchangeable faces of Wolvie, a quote, and crossed adamantium claws.
​This is decidedly one of the most comic accurate classic Wolverine statues on the market, and its value score reflects that. We definitely consider this a must-have when it comes to Canada’s first superhero.