In the Marvel Universe, the Celestials have been around since the very beginning, influencing events throughout human history. They are also responsible for creating the Eternals. Their powers are far beyond most beings. Here are 5 of the very strongest. 

Scathan the Approver 

Scathon is often overlooked among his Celestial kin. He has the distinction of having earned the respect of both the Living Tribunal and Eternity. During a battle against the God-like child Protégé, who attempted to steal the powers of the One Above all, Scathon disapproved and fired a single energy blast which incapacitated every being in the vicinity. He then imprisoned Protégé with a Celestial Muzzle. 

Ego the Living Planet 

The full details of the identity of Ego the Living Planets are still a bit mysterious. Conflicting reports reveal that he may not actually be a Celestial. Ego is immensely powerful, however. Galactus once attacked Ego head on, and the planetary being was able to fight him as an equal, representing the only time Galactus bit off more than he could chew. 

Exitar the Executioner 

Exitar the Executioner is not one single Celestial, but is instead a title held by one of the strongest Celestials of its time period. When one dies, another replaces it. Exitar is the right hand of the Celestial Jury, and is directly responsible for destroying planets deemed unworthy. 


Tiamut the Communicator 

The Dreaming Celestial, Tamiut is highly regarded as one of the most powerful of his species for two reasons. Firstly, Tamiut is the only being in existence that Uatu the Watcher has ever been unable to see. This was previously thought to be an impossibility. Secondly, Galactus himself is terrified of Tamiut. This Celestial also once acted as the communicator for all of his kind. 

One Above All 

The leader of the Celestials is rarely ever encountered. Preferring to view events from a distance, the One Above All has only revealed his powers on a few occasions. During one such occasion, he resurrected all the dead Celestials at once. While little is known of this being, it is widely accepted that the leader of the Celestials is also the strongest.