The X-Men have achieved immortality, and the rest of the Marvel Universe is now aware of their secret. Years of tension has been building amongst the heroes of the world, and this revelation may have finally broken what little trust that remains. The X-Men are now in direct conflict with two groups: the Avengers and the Eternals. What comes next will determine who stands in judgement over the entire planet. 

Writer Kieron Gillen joins artist Valerio Schiti in bringing to life what will truly be the biggest comic event of the year. The event was first teased in December of 2021, when Marvel Comics posted the mysterious teaser: “Judgment Day is Coming.” That time has now arrived, starting with the release of A.X.E.: Judgement Day #1, which comes out tomorrow. The six-issue limited series will focus on the volcanic conflict between three groups: the Avengers, the X-Men, and the Eternals. 


The Avengers have gone through some major changes over the last several years. After taking up refuge in their new home base, the body of a fallen Celestial, the Avengers have rebuilt their ranks into a formidable new lineup. They now find themselves in the middle of a brooding conflict between the X-Men and the Eternals. In spite of their best efforts to act as mediators between the two groups, the Avengers have become directly involved in the conflict. The fallen Celestial they call home hasn’t done them any favors with the Eternals, while the secrets that the X-Men have withheld from them have driven a wedge between the two sides as well.  


The X-Men are at the forefront of the entire conflict. The mutant resurrection protocols have allowed them to obtain immortality. They see themselves as the new gods of Earth. This has angered the Eternals, which have long seen themselves as Earth’s true guardians. The X-Men have also kept this secret from their supposed allies, the Avengers. The mutant Destiny has foreseen the coming conflict, and the X-Men are prepared to defend their immortality to the end. 


The Eternals have discovered shocking new revelations about their creation and purpose. The biggest of these discoveries is that the X-Men are actually Deviants, the sworn enemies of the Eternals. This is enough for the group to declare war against the mutants of Krakoa. To complicate matters, the Avengers have become involved. Aside from the fact that they have taken over a fallen Celestial, Tony Stark led the Avengers in the capture of Sersi, one of the Eternals and a former Avengers ally.  

The conflict among the three groups is ready to erupt. A.X.E.: Judgement Day #1 hits newsstands on Wednesday, July 20th. The war will come to its conclusion later this year, but the repercussions will be long-lasting.