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The tale of the Vanguard Knight began many moons ago, in a simpler time: a time of honor, a time of bravery, a time of sword and shield. 

Like all that came before him, the Vanguard Knight was once merely a young page, aspiring to become a squire. He learned much in the way of gallantry and respect in this time before taking the Code of Chivalry and becoming the Vanguard Knight.

From his earliest years, the young page received training in authenticating scrolls and manuscripts. He learned to tell the difference between a true Statue of Thanos and the cheap knockoffs traded among peasants in neighboring realms. 

Once knighted, our hero was tasked with finding rare and valuable treasure for his king. The king demanded scrolls, manuscripts, and artifacts from across his kingdom as fealty for his more-or-less benevolent rule. 

The knight went on to commit many noble deeds, and served his liege with courage and dignity. If he discovered treasure on any mission, he dutifully passed it along to line the walls of the castle’s Great Hall of collectibles. 

However, the gallant knight began to become discouraged by the growing greed and corruption of his king. How many Scrolls of The Justice League can one king read, anyway?

In this time of deep reflection, the knight decided to set off on his own. 

He saddled his trusty steed and embarked on a heroic journey of adventure and self-discovery throughout the lands. 

On this epic journey, the knight amassed a large collection of rare manuscripts and figurines. 

With no intention to return to the king’s court, our Vanguard Knight went rogue and kept all the Sideshow Collectibles statues he encountered, along with many tomes and “Tales of Suspense” of heroes long past.

He filled the walls of his castle to the brim with these trophies. 

Soon, The Vanguard Knight felt a pull toward a greater cause. If he didn’t distribute his wonderful and rare collection with the people of his land, how could he think himself any better than the corrupt and greedy king?

The Vanguard Knight discovered his true mission. 

No longer willing to stand for the needs of one, the Vanguard Knight would dauntlessly fight for the needs of all collectors. There are no limits on where he will go in search of these treasures, be it the mountains of Wakanda, the deep seas of Atlantis, or the brooding underbelly of Gotham.

He would conquer enemies, collect his valuables, and open new Castles of Display to serve the people in all lands far and wide. He even dared venture into the “Savage Land” of The Internet to reach commoners, lords, ladies, mutants, superheroes, and all travelers who pass through his newly founded kingdom of

Our knight had learned a valuable lesson. To serve the people with honor was his highest calling.

It was here that our hero took an oath:

To provide the best customer service, lowest prices, and the largest collection of rare manuscripts, figurines, and oddities to fellow collectors!
The Vanguard Knight is now at peace with his mission. He will henceforth construct castles throughout the land, forever expanding his kingdom for the benefit of all collectors.