“If you let rage and hate over what happened define your life… then inside, in your heart and soul, you’ll find yourself just as dead.” 

Hailing from a bleak future in which mutants are being hunted to extinction by the sentinels, Bishop joins Professor Charles Xavier’s X-Men to help prevent that future from ever passing. 

Sculpt & Design – 3.75 out of 5 Stars 

+ Two great portraits 

+ Interchangeable accessories offer distinctly different looks 

+ Light up feature for power effect 

This custom fan piece offers up a superb depiction of Bishop in all of his early 1990s glory. He comes with two really nice portraits, both of which show off a grizzled mutant war veteran who has seen his share of battles from a future where mutants are hunted.  

Bishop’s costume design comes straight from the pages of his first appearance back in Uncanny X-Men #282. He’s wearing his trademark bandana along with the giant ‘X’ on his belt. His belt also features several ammo pouches, which was a staple of 90s comic book art. The cloth portions of his costume look realistic, appearing to be mesh-like in texture. Bishop’s belt and boots on the other hand are more solid. 

Bishop’s two portraits are both great, but the classic long-haired version suits this costume design well. The detail on both is equally impressive. Bishop has a rough face with battle scars and wrinkles, and the bald portrait brings a greater amount of attention to those blemishes. This also makes the famous ‘M’ tattoo over Bishop’s right eye come off a bit more subtle which is a nice touch.  Both portraits feature a similar goatee design and thick eyebrows.  

As far as accessories go, there are some great display options. The detail on the futuristic gun Bishop wields with his left hand is on-point, as is the smaller sidearm in his right hand. As a bonus, the right-hand weapon can be exchanged for a cool light-up power effect. The base that Bishop stands upon features some broken sentinel parts that seem appropriate given Bishop’s robot heavy future. 

Paint – N/A 

This piece comes exclusively as a kit, therefore anyone lucky enough to obtain one will have to paint it themselves. 

Value – 3.5 out of 5 Stars 

This is a fairly nice piece. With an Edition Size of 25, it’s a rare find as well. The artist clearly poured in some serious effort while sculpting this grizzled depiction of Bishop. The costume looks phenomenal, and both portraits are a home run. 

Extra Features 

  • Two Portraits 
  • Light-up feature for power effect 
  • Swappable right-hand weapon 


  • Angad Sing