“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” 

Bruce Lee was a beloved Hong Kong American actor, who is revered as a legend among Chinese as well as Americans. The founder of Jeet Kune Do was renowned for his speed, fighting ability, and philosophical nature. Lee is considered to be the most influential martial artist of all time, as well as a pop cultural icon who changed Asian representation in American films forever.   

To celebrate his 80th anniversary, Blitzway has introduced this brand new 1:4 scale statue of the Dragon. 

Sculpt & Design – 4 out of 5 stars 

+ Face sculpt is fantastic, and unmistakably Bruce Lee. 

+ Great muscle expression, folds and wrinkles in skin look realistic. 

+ Entire body is one piece, ensuring consistency with detail. 

– Facial expression lacks emotion, eyes could have more fire behind them. 

Blitzway has sculpted a plethora of fantastic Bruce Lee statues, and this one is no exception. This piece is brimming with detail as well as accessories. Bruce Lee stands upon a circular polystone base and demonstrates his iconic martial arts kick. 

Starting with the accessories, this statue is packed full of some great detail. The circular base is made of polystone and contains some really cool looking Chinese patterns and symbols which represent Jeet Kune Do, the martial art founded by Lee himself. The detailed sculpt-work on the side of the base is absolutely stunning, and seems to represent the dragon symbols straight from Lee’s movies. This is one of the coolest bases out there. 

The statue also comes with a polystone nameplate with both the Chinese and English spelling of ‘Bruce Lee.’ An added detail to the name plate is a claw marking which is a subtle nod towards Lee’s movie “Enter the Dragon.” Two metal flag poles fit inside a couple bases which hold a black cloth flag, which looks very great and is textured nicely. It even flutters in the wind. 

The cool thing about the body of this statue, is it is one entire piece. It’s a change of pace from the usual multi-piece statues that have to be assembled. This piece just fits together on the base with minimum effort. The detail on Lee’s face is very authentic looking. The depiction is very accurate. The only slight on this face sculpt is that it lacks emotion. Perhaps the eyes could have used a bit more fire behind them. That said, it’s undeniably Bruce Lee.  

The body sculpt is fairly flawless with some amazing attention to detail in regards to Lee’s legendary musculature. It really comes to life along with the realistic wrinkles and folds in the skin. This gives the martial arts kick an authentic feel as a person’s body would contort in a way that is very similar to this statue. One negative is that the detail on the legs is not quite up to par in regards to the muscle definition seen everywhere else. It’s adequate, albeit somewhat basic. Of course, the cloth pants on the statue cover this part up anyways. The shoes are made of a soft PVC material, and have a good amount of detail worked in. The bottoms of the shoes also look very good and even appear ‘worn in.’ 

Paint – 3.5 out of 5 Stars  

+ Skin tone looks very realistic. 

+ Line on the back looks very good with the reddish shading 

+ Shading within the muscles looks amazing. 

– Legs lack the realistic shading that the rest of the body has. 

Blitzway did a fine job on the painting scheme of this piece.  The fact that they used cloth pants certainly made their job a bit easier. That said, they did an excellent job in painting the rest of the statue. 

The paint work on the base of the statue matches the impressive sculpting. Though the sculpt is the best part about the base, it’s good to see they didn’t phone it in with the paint. When you put it all together, the base looks fantastic. You really believe that this figure stands atop a stone pillar. 

The skin tone on the body is quite well done. It looks very realistic from the face on down through the torso. The legs underneath the cloth pants are painted well enough, though they lack in detail from the rest of the body. This statue really shines through the brushwork on the body. The shading around the musculature on the torso looks great.  

The hair also looks very realistic. Without the great attention to detail in the coloring of Lee’s hair and eyebrows, this figure wouldn’t look nearly as great as it does. The eyes also look good, even if they are somewhat static. The shading on the lips is also very authentic.  

Value – 3.5 out of 5 Stars 

+ Attention to detail is awesome, Great character depiction. 

+ Base and accessories really bring the piece to life and add value. 

– Face sculpt is unpopular to some due to lack in expression. 

This is a really great piece if you’re a fan of Bruce Lee. The amount of attention and painstaking detail put into this statue cannot be questioned.  The accessories that come with the statue are great. The price point of $499 is not bad, but this might fall into the category of being a niche statue, meaning casual fans may not find the cost as appealing. That said, this is a fantastic depiction of Bruce Lee, and would make a hell of a center piece. While some may take issue with the face sculpt having a lack of emotion, it can be argued that this is more of a static pose than a dynamic one. 

Other Details 

Material: Fabric , Polystone , PVC 

Product Size 

Height: 21.65″ (549.91 mm) 

Width: 14.17″ (359.92 mm)  

Depth: 14.17″ (359.92 mm)  

Box Size 

Height: 13.50″ (342.9 mm)  

Width: 25.75″ (654.05 mm) 

Depth: 30.00″ (762 mm)  

Dimensional Weight 

46.00 lbs. (20.87 kg) [Intl. 63.00 lbs. (28.58 kg)]