After becoming the All-Father, and subsequent King of Asgard, the Mighty Thor has had difficulties with his magical hammer Mjolnir. Apparently by becoming a ruler instead of a warrior, Mjolnir deemed that Thor was no longer worthy. Because of this, the God of Thunder decided it was best to leave Mjolnir in the trustworthy hands of the Avengers. There was just one problem with his plan: Mjolnir has been stolen. Thor #20 comes out Wednesday, and if the preview is any indication, Mjolnir may now be in the hands of a being of pure evil and immense power. 

The God of Hammers 

Thor #20 represents part two of the five-part “God of Hammers” story arc. After the events of issue 19, Thor is in search of his old hammer after learning of a dangerous prophecy that threatens his life, as well as life throughout the Ten Realms. The God of Hammers is prophesized to kill the God of Asgard. Thor has sought out help from this father and former Asgardian king, Odin. After travelling together to Nidavellir, where Mjolnir was forged, the father-son duo soon discovered that they were already too late. The dwarves had been wiped out by a being wielding a magical hammer. 

A king cannot rule from his knees 

Thor and Odin now face a deadly new threat, partially of their own making. The God of Hammers is set to make his debut in the pages of this key issue of Thor. In a preview of Thor #20, Thor is shown burying the remains of Eitri, the forge master of Mjolnir. Thor drops to his knees and vows to avenge the former King of the Dwarves before his father says to him bluntly “A king cannot rule from his knees, boy.”  

The next chapter in Donny Cates’ and Nic Klein’s “God of Hammers” saga comes out on Wednesday January 5th. The God of Hammers is set to reveal himself and the fate of all the realms hangs in the balance.