The landscape for the X-Men was drastically changed, quite literally, after the mutants of Krakoa and Arakko created a new home on the once lifeless planet of Mars. The planet, which has been aptly renamed Arakko, is now home to a massive number of mutants. It’s also the capital planet in the solar system, and Storm has been named Regent. 

A New Beginning 

The team of Al Ewing and Stefano Caselli head an entirely new saga in the X-Men, and it promises to go beyond anything we’ve seen before. The tale they tell in X-Men Red #1 revolves around three easily recognizable faces within the long-storied history of the X-Men.  

Who Defends the Broken Land? 

Storm is struggling with her new position of authority as Regent of Arakko. She wishes not to be referred to as “queen” by her people, and would rather all decisions be made by the council which she now oversees. She is also dealing with pressure from Abigail Brand, who is quietly attempting to politically manipulate the situation in Arakko from afar by encouraging Storm to have the X-Men enact more control over the planet. 

Meanwhile, Magneto has come to the planet seeking a new beginning, or perhaps only to live out the remainder of his days someplace quiet. He carries great guilt over his role in creating the mutant nation of Krakoa. He feels that his days as a revolutionary are behind him, and now seeks only peace. 

Elsewhere, Sunspot has become a successful entrepreneur, taking on a new business opportunity by purchasing a bar. After a brawl breaks out between Vulcan and Thunderbird, Abigail Brand and Cable take Vulcan away. Sunspot seeks out Magneto due to his mistrust of Abigail Brand, whom he knows is up to no good. 

The Brotherhood is Back 

Sunspot and Magneto discuss Abigail Brand’s plan to create a utopia on Arakko. They both agree that her plan will not end well for anyone. Sunspot wishes to form a team of X-Men to oppose her. Before anything can be decided, Storm appears before the two with a counterproposal. “Brand is the one looking for X-Men, and she’ll find them,” Storm says. “Arakko needs to balance that.” When Magneto asks her who defends the broken land, Storm responds: “The brotherhood does.” 

The Future Relies on the Past 

It seems as though Storm is suggesting the reformation of the Brotherhood of Mutants. She’s also sporting a new appearance on the final page, which is reminiscent of her iconic punk look, mohawk and all. The future of this book looks to rely heavily on the past, and that’s not a bad thing.