Marvel’s next major comic event is just around the corner, and this time the Man Without Fear is right in the middle of everything. For the first time since the 2010 storyline Shadowland, Daredevil finds himself the centerpiece of a major marvel story arc, and this one is sure to shake the foundation of the mainstream Marvel Universe.  

Burn it All Down 

On the other side of this story is the former Kingpin of crime, and current mayor of New York City, Wilson Fisk. Fisk is setting his diabolical sights far higher than ever before, as he is targeting more than just “street level heroes” this time. In the first few pages of the upcoming 6-part series, Fisk reveals to Daredevil that through the years he has collected information on Earth’s greatest heroes.  He promises Daredevil that he’s going to reveal all of their darkest secrets to the world, and “burn it all down” just to end his archenemy once and for all. That is, unless Daredevil reveals his true identity… 

This epic crossover event starts in December, and will carry over into several ongoing titles. Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto are at the reigns of this one, and they have been planning out the story for years. They have even teased Fisk creating his own team of villains to battle Earth’s mightiest heroes. 

The Kingpin Makes a Power Play 

Anticipation is building and many questions remain. What secrets has Wilson Fisk been holding onto all these years? What villains will aid him in his devious scheme? Only time will tell. Fisk has consistently remained a force to be reckoned with throughout the years, while hiding his enormous frame in plain sight. Will his patience be rewarded? Either way, what happens in December promises to be his largest power play yet.