Everyone knows that Gotham City is under the protection of Batman and his close allies. However, Bruce Wayne isn’t the only person who has taken it upon himself to try to clean up the streets of Gotham. Others have also given it their best shot with varying degrees of success. One such man was former GCPD officer Kelvin Mao, who made his debut appearance in Batman Annual #17. 

A Mission Gone Wrong 

Mao was a former member of the somewhat infamous Gotham City Police Department. During one fateful mission, members of the GCPD tactical unit were called in to face off against the alien parasite known as Angon. Unfortunately, save for Mao, the entire squad was wiped out. Mao himself was left in critical condition after the monster mangled him. Despite suffering a broken spine, Mao eventually mutated into something else entirely due to suffering a bite from Angon. He transformed into a large man with red armored skin. He renamed himself Ballistic. With his vast combat skills, along with a host of new physical abilities, Ballistic made it his mission to take Angon down for good. 

Temporary Alliances 

Ballistic immediately allied himself with Batman in order to defeat the alien menace. After disposing of Angon, he joined up with a group of fellow “New Bloods” in order to wipe out all of Angon’s alien siblings. After doing so, Ballistic became a gun for hire. He found himself a part of another brief alliance with Batman after coming into conflict with the rival mercenary group known as the Malevolent Maniaxe. Ballistic bounced around several B-level hero teams, but eventually decided to go solo again. 

What Happened to Ballistic? 

Ballistic just sort of vanished for a while afterwards. He made a few sporadic appearances, including one where he was kicked out of Guy Gardener’s bar. During the Infinite Crisis event, Ballistic was one of several heroes who took part in the battle to defend Metropolis against the Secret Society of Super-villains. He met his end during a battle against Solomon Grundy. He was killed after Superboy-Prime, who had been driven insane, destroyed everyone in the vicinity with his heat vision. The Black Lantern Corps later resurrected Ballistic, along with other deceased members of the Blood Pack. Alexander Luthor organized the group to launch an attack on Superboy-Prime, who in turn destroyed he and the Black Lanterns.