Hear ye! Hear ye! Lords and Ladies from far and wide!
You are cordially invited to enter the mystic lands of the “internet,” and to be part of the kingdom of the noble and brave Vanguard Knight! Inspired by his love of collecting manuscripts and figurines, he hath attained a trove of rare treasures that he wishes to distribute to his loyal subjects.
Stray from the wicked marketplace of “Evil-bay” and enter the vast trading center within the Vanguard Knight’s castle. There, you will find naught but the greatest collectible manuscripts and trophies throughout the lands. Come now, and you will be granted the blessings of the “Dubbing Ceremony Discount,” which awards thee 25% off thine purchases as a first-time customer.

A great sorcerer has predicted that a wealth of treasures will be available very soon

The grand opening of Vanguard Comics and Collectibles’ mystical online marketplace shall come to pass in June 2020. Soon thereafter, their first official brick-and-mortar “castle” will open in late 2020, and will be located in Tampa, FL. Additional castles shall open in the near future.

The noble Vanguard Knight is more than a mere collector

Vanguard Collectibles buys and sells comic books and statues from all lands near and far. The noble Knight aims to provide the lowest and most competitive prices on manuscripts from all comic publishers.

He wishes to bestow upon thee many blessings of goodwill:

  • Vanguard’s gallant riders will mount up and deliver comic scrolls directly to local residents of the Tampa village.
  • With modern wizardry, a learned sorcerer will review rare statues and provide new blog content weekly.
  • Along with the “Dubbing Ceremony Discount”, those who sign up for Vanguard Collectible’s “Loyal to the Crown” membership will receive $5 back in points for every $20 spent on the online store.

Meet the Vanguard Knight’s loyal retinue

Growing up as a young squire in the late 20th century, Sir Matthew Lane of Land O’ Lakes, founder of Vanguard Comics and Collectibles, found himself captivated by comic manuscripts after reading X-Men (1990) #1.  Through the years, he became a connoisseur of these treasures and was amazed at the passion, skill, and creativity of artists such as Sir Todd McFarlane, Sir Donny Cates, and Sir Jim Lee.  He was vastly impressed by the humility with which they carried themselves, as well as their readiness to help grow the comic industry.

“We aim to provide our patrons and lords from all the land with the best prices, wizardry in customer service, fastest shipping, and top dollar for the comics you’d like to sell,” says Sir Lane.  “Our goal is to combine both our passion for collecting and business, along with our appreciation for the art of comics.”

Sir Lane is gathering a round table of the greatest knights, sorcerers, and website developers in the lands to provide the very best customer service for lords and ladies far and wide.

Light a candle, don your favorite reading spectacles, and visit VanguardCollectibles.com for more information.

See you soon!