“Along the banks of the venomous river Gjoll, the lost souls buried up to their necks are wailing their hymns of sorrow as the bloody ice-waves come crashing in.” 

Known throughout the realm of Asgard as the Goddess of Death, Hela is the daughter of Loki, and is one of Thor’s most powerful and persistent enemies.  Hela has come into conflict with the God of Thunder throughout the latter’s history, often with the goal of possessing his soul in Hel, where she rules.  

Sculpt & Design – 4.5 out of 5 stars 

+ Semi-dynamic pose is perfect for the character 

+ Powerful and intimidating masked portrait 

+ Excellent classic design choice for Hela’s costume 

+ Detailed base representing the valley of the underworld, Hel 

The sculpt and design of this statue is very impressive. The Goddess of Death is in a semi-dynamic pose, slowly walking through a volcanic pathway of cracked and broken skulls. Her right arm is extended forward, clearly pointed towards the object of her current desire. She is wielding a sword in her left hand, while her cape is swaying in the wind. 

Hela comes with two distinct changeable portraits. Her first portrait is representative of her classic masked look. Her pupils are whited out, and she wears a sinister grin upon her face. The cheek lines on her face help show her menacing intentions. Her unmasked portrait provides a new look, that is much more human. Her eyes and grin are alluring. 

The elongated horns on her mask are large and intimidating, as are the shoulder pads on her cape. This adds to her imposing appearance. The cape flows behind her, which adds to the dynamic nature of her pose. Her costume design is very classic, but also somewhat modernized. The under armor is plated, while the green portion of the armor overlaps. Her sword matches well with her outfit, and an insignia is engraved near the hilt.  

The base of the figure is also appropriate. Hela walks among the bones of her victims. The rocky fragments of the base are curved upward, as if the ground is reacting to Hela’s movements. This provides a very cool effect that compliments the entirety of the piece wonderfully. 

Paint – 4.75 out of 5 Stars  

+ Vibrant green and black on Hela’s costume complement one another 

+ Piercing green eyes in Hela’s unmasked portrait provide contrast to the white-eyed masked portrait 

The Goddess of Death comes to life in stunning form, due to an amazing use of professional brushwork. The complexion of both of her portraits is sublime. Her pale skin helps render her haunting demeanor, while her black lipstick stands out and reveals the darkness that exists within her. In her masked portrait, Hela’s pale white eyes inspire fear among her enemies. While unmasked, her alluring green eyes lure her victims into a false sense of security. 

The vibrant green portions of her costume compliment the black portions well. The green is very solid and uniform, while the black has a reflective shine. Her black nail polish matches her lipstick. Her silver sword glimmers as if it was forged by the greatest blacksmith of Asgard.  

The cracks in the ground on the pathway that Hela walks are beginning to glow red. This, along with the blue hue of the rocky path, reveal the fiery depths of her realm. It’s as if a volcanic eruption may occur at any moment. The beige broken skulls of her victims are aged and forgotten 

Value – 4.5 out of 5 Stars 

+ Gorgeous depiction of the Norse Goddess of Death 

+ Two great looking portraits provide distinctive looks 

Overall, this piece is just gorgeous. The Goddess of Death is beautiful in appearance, elegant in her pose, and imposing in stature. The aforementioned scowl upon her masked portrait provides a completely different look when compared to her unmasked portrait, which shows off her attractive and piercing green eyes. The contrast in portraits adds great additional value. This really is an A+ depiction of Hela. 

Extra Features 

Two (2) portraits – Masked & Unmasked