“Terminate one Sentinel — terminate one thousand — it makes no difference. Our numbers are too great. Eventually mutants, we will overwhelm you.” 

The X-Men face off against their deadliest foes, the mighty Sentinels. The humongous mutant hunting machines have decimated the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. The X-Men make their final stand. 

Sculpt & Design – 4.5 out of 5 Stars 

+ Humongous diorama 

+ Commanding presence 

+ Detailed mansion wreckage 

Iron Studios presents the most enormous statue diorama of all-time! This set of three limited edition statues features three enormous Sentinels, Magneto, Juggernaut, and most of the X-Men Blue and Gold teams. Any one of these three pieces alone is awe-inspiring, but when you put all three together, you get one of the most dynamic X-Men dioramas ever made.  

There is a lot to unpack here. let’s start from the bottom. The base of this masterpiece features the crumbled remains of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, aka, the X-Mansion. The wreckage lays among the bedrock of the mansion’s foundation. There is a stunning amount of detail put into this destruction, including the splintered wood and floorboards. The detail is very realistic.  

Moving upwards, you have the main event: the destructive Sentinels. All three have an intimidating presence. Their robotic faces are almost human in nature, yet filled with a lifeless aura. They accomplish their task without hesitation. The detail on their metallic bodies is impressive. The circuitry of their innards hangs out, yet they still persist in accomplishing their mission. 

The X-Men themselves look astonishing. Despite playing second fiddle to the Sentinels, the detail that went into each individual character is still impressive. These portraits are phenomenal. As a bonus, Magneto come with an unmasked portrait. The power effects for all of the characters are a thing of beauty. Cyclops’ optic blast is destructive. Wolverine comes with a slashing effect for his claws. Beast is assaulting the Sentinel with a feral rage. Gambit looks as slick as ever, while the juggernaut is huge and imposing. Magneto has a commanding presence. 

The third diorama perfectly encapsulates the brilliant strategic capabilities of the X-Men. Storm and Archangel attack from the air while Iceman freezes the Sentinel’s leg in place. Shadowcat phases through the Sentinel’s other leg while Psylocke cuts through its torso. All of the characters are impressive. Psylocke’s portrait is particularly beautiful.  

Paint – 4 out of 5 Stars 

+ Weathering is Amazing 

+ Realistic destruction 

The painstaking process that must have gone into painting these titans is almost as magnificent as the sculpt and design. The choice of colors was well thought out. The dull pink and blue used for the Sentinels looks awesome. Their red eyes add to their already intimidating presence. There is also a slight rust paint application on certain parts of the Sentinels which shows the damage done during the battle with the X-Men. 

Perhaps the most impressive part of the paint is the weathering. The costumes of every character appear eroded from the battle. There is dirt on Magneto’s boots and cape. Beast has dirt on his feet as well. Gambit’s boots are shiny and metallic. Iceman’ crystalized appearance is a welcome touch. The pink energy effects showcasing many of the X-Men’s abilities is beautifully done as well. 

The paint applications on the base of the dioramas are particularly impressive. The wood on the destroyed remains of the X-Mansion is realistic. There is gold trim on several of the columns and furniture that has been destroyed. The bricks on the outside of the building are worn and discolored. All in all, the paint is impressive from top to bottom. 

Value – 4.75 out of 5 Stars 

When it comes to value, this gargantuan diorama will cost a small fortune. The sheer size of it alone dictates that cost. When you put all three together, this set becomes one of the largest statue dioramas ever seen. However, it is also one of the most detailed set of statues anyone has ever created. The phrase “one of a kind” gets thrown around a lot, but this set is something the likes of which we may never see again. With so much going on in this diorama, you might expect some of the areas to be lacking. That’s simply not the case though. There was no detail spared. That goes for the Sentinels, the X-Men, and the destruction of the mansion. This is the Holy Grail of comic statue dioramas. 

Extra Features 

  • Limited Edition 
  • Hand painted 
  • Mutant power effects 
  • Extra unmasked portrait for Magneto 
  • Miniature painting 


  • Iron Studios 


Marvel Premium Collectibles Series Statue Details  




Poly stone 


Product Size  

Sentinel #1 

Height: 35.4” 

Width: 32.6” 

Length: 16.5” 

Weight: 70.5 lbs. 


Sentinel #2 

Height: 25.9” 

Width: 24” 

Length: 23.2” 

Weight: 55 lbs. 


Sentinel #3 

Height: 34.2” 

Width: 26.3” 

Length: 27.5” 

Weight: 70.5 lbs.