“Remember my face! It’s the last thing you’re ever going to see …and I want you to carry the memory of it straight to HELL!” 

Iron Studios presents the Punisher in 1:4 scale, and it is a work of art! 

Sculpt & Design – 5 out of 5 Stars 

+ Perfect concept for the Punisher 

+ Great costume design with realistic textures 

+ Plethora of changeable pieces (two portraits & several weapon & hand switch outs) 

One word can be used to describe this design: Wow… Simply put, this is the quintessential Punisher statue to own. This representation of Frank Castle is absolutely perfect. Starting with the two interchangeable portraits, all the way down to his leather boots, the Punisher looks great from top to bottom.  

Castle comes with two very unique portraits. The first closely resembles his more classic look, complete with bandana flowing in the wind. Frank wears his usual Punisher scowl upon this portrait, with a fuller head of hair flowing over his bandana and forehead. The second portrait is more modern. Frank’s hairline is slightly receding, and his scowl is somehow more pronounced than the previous portrait. I suppose age was never going to be kind to Frank Castle. This is definitely the gruffer of the two portraits, and works better with the modern and realistic design of his costume.  

The best part about this version of the Punisher is definitely the body and costume design. Most of this piece is made of polystone, but several aspects of the costume are actually made of a more flexible rubber material. The Punisher’s belts, holsters, hands, and weapons are all made up of this substance. This offers up a stark visual contrast to statues entirely comprised of one solid material. 

This allows the straps and holsters to be separately sculpted, which looks much better than having extra resin filling in the difference. Similarly, the guns are also sculpted separately from the hands. There is actually a tiny bit of give to the hands holding the weapons. This allows a more authentic and realistic grip to Frank’s trigger fingers as he wields his arsenal. 

Outside of the differing materials used for several parts of this piece, Castle’s costume is also ripe with realistic textures and details. His boots and gloves look fantastic due to the leather textures. His pants and his shirt look great. The stitching is just perfect, and the faded Punisher logo even appears to be a different material than the rest of his shirt. The duffle bag also has flexible straps that fit into Castle’s left hand.   

The Punisher sports several different weapon and hand combinations as well, coming equipped with a sniper rifle, as well as dual machine pistols, a removable suppressor, and a duffle bag of weapons worthy of this one-man army.  Adding to the beauty of sculpting individual pieces separately, he comes with several bullet casings that are actually made of metal. These casings attach to the magnetic base of damaged brick and mortar which the Punisher stands upon.  

Paint – 4.5 out of 5 Stars  

+ Clean paint job 

+ Modern color schemes look great 

The paint scheme is definitely clean. The entire piece has a modern style about it, and the paint job compliments that style wonderfully. The base color of the Punisher’s costume is naturally black, but the aforementioned individually sculpted portions such as the belt, pouches, and holsters pop very well in contrast to the uniform color scheme. These parts of his costume look weathered, and he has some red shells attached to his chest as well.  

The infamous Punisher skull is gray rather than the classic white, which adds to the modernized realistic look and feel of this sculpture. While some may be disappointed that Iron Studios decided to forgo the classic white skull, that look just would not have worked out well for this design choice. Arguably, even if it was originally white, it would surly fade due to the constant battles that Frank Castle puts himself through. 

Both of Frank Castle’s portraits look great, and the skin tone only adds to compliment the sculpt. Castle’s face is gruff looking, five o’clock shadow and all. His dark hair also looks good against his pale complexion.  

Value – 4.75 out of 5 Stars 

+ Awesome design concept sets this Punisher above the rest 

This limited-edition Punisher statue comes in at $699, and it’s worth every penny. The artists made some bold creative decisions, and they absolutely paid off. There are still some who question the decision not to have this statue composed entirely of polystone, but fortune always favors the bold. Hopefully the creative decisions put forth in the creation of this awesome work of art pave the way for more bold decisions moving forward.  

Extra Features 

  • Crafted from polystone 
  • Hand-painted 
  • Magnetic base to attach empty weapon cartridges to 
  • Two (2) portraits 
  • Five (5) changeable hands with different weapons 
  • Right hand with sniper rifle 
  • Right hand with machine pistol & removable silencer 
  • Left hand with machine pistol 
  • Left hand with weapons bag 
  • Left hand resting 



  • Iron Studios 

Product Size  

Height: 27.95″ (709.93 mm) | Width: 10.62″ (269.75 mm) | Depth: 11.41″ (289.81 mm) 

Box Size 

Height: 12.00″ (304.8 mm) | Width: 24.00″ (609.6 mm) | Depth: 28.00″ (711.2 mm) 

Product Weight 

27.00 lbs (12.25 kg)