Jason Aaron is prepping for the end of his near-five-year run on the Avengers. Aaron took up the mantle of writing Earth’s Mightiest Heroes back in 2018, and what a ride it has been. As the end draws near, the ultimate showdown awaits in the 10-part event, AVENGERS ASSEMBLE. Fans have already witnessed the beginning of the end of Aaron’s epic last stand with AVENGERS ASSEMBLE ALPHA #1. If that was any indication, this story is going to end with a bang. 

The Beginning of the End 

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE ALPHA #1 served as the catalyst for the conclusion to Aaron’s Avengers run. The demon known as Mephisto has amassed an army from across the multiverse. The new Masters of Evil are attempting to destroy ‘Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ once and for all. Fortunately, Ghost Rider and the mysterious Avenger Prime are recruiting their own army from across the multiverse. Artists Bryan Hitch, Javier Garrón, and Aaron Kuder have all joined with Aaron to bring this massive multiversal war to fruition.  

Mephisto Takes Center Stage 

Jason Aaron never intended for Mephisto to be the big bad when he started building this story. According to Aaron, it just kind of worked out that way. He spoke about Mephisto’s involvement, as well as what he hopes to accomplish in these final issues:  

“It was all about setting up pieces that I would leave on the board for the foreseeable future. It was more about that than building towards a big story. Then, I realized I wanted to use Mephisto in a big way, and he was already a part of different stories I was telling. I also realized I wanted to do some multiversal stuff in Avengers Forever. Then, I knew it was all going to be building towards slamming those different pieces together in one cataclysmic fight.”  

Prepare For What’s to Come 

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE will continue to tie together plot threads from throughout Aaron’s Avengers run. The current Avengers will team up with heroes from the past, present, and future in order to defend Avengers Tower from Mephisto’s army. Aaron gave his thoughts on tying up all of the loose ends:  

“We talked about what a big, epic, war story this is. It’s got a lot of different characters punching each other, and a lot of different versions of Avengers from throughout time and space. In the midst of all that though we have all the character moments, beats, and arcs that have been part of my run since issue #1.”  

The conclusion to this gigantic story is fast approaching, but the battle has only just begun. Stay tuned for the biggest Avengers story yet. If the cover of part 9 is any indication, this war may come down to the last two Avengers standing.