“It’s adamantium tasting time, boys!” 

Wolverine pounces into action and he looks like he’s jumping straight out of the X-Men animated series from the 90s! Kotobukiya brings everyone’s favorite Canadian mutant to statue form in 1:6 scale, and visually, it does not disappoint. A great dynamic design pose and an excellent paint job helps this statue stand out. 

Sculpt & Design – 4.0 out of 5  

+ Great portrait 

+ Dynamic pose perfect for Wolverine 

This is a really fantastic depiction of Wolverine that is loaded with great detail. Kotobukiya perfectly captures Logan in a dynamic pose as he lunges forward with a feral rage that is second to none. This is Wolverine at his fiercest and finest! 

Wolverine is standing upon some kind of rock formation which is rising up from what appears to be some kind of metal platform. At first glance, one might guess Wolverine is having the ground underneath him manipulated by a mutant like Avalanche or perhaps Magneto. However, the platform underneath suggests something possibly robotic. Honestly, it is difficult to decipher just what the artist was going for here. It has an unnatural appearance for sure, and does make the statue taller than need be. 

Regardless, Wolverine looks fantastic in all his adamantium rampaging glory. He’s wearing his very famous tiger-striped attire that he is commonly known for. It’s a classic look, but also appears to be modernized a little bit as well, as there is stitching and padding visible throughout his suit. His muscles look great on his torso, back, arms, and legs. There even appears to be a bit of roughness to his arm hair. His veins are slightly showing through as well. 

This piece is lacking any accessories unless you count the claws, which are slightly pliable rather than hardened. He has scratch marks on his shoulder pads, perhaps attained from a battle with his arch-nemesis Sabretooth. His gloves and boots are nicely done. The mask looks great and his singular portrait is very good. If a statue isn’t going to have changeable portraits, it’s great to see that the one it does have is absolutely top-notch. 

Paint – 4.0 out of 5 Stars 

+ Very clean paint job 

+ Awesome shading 

+ Skin tone is near perfect 

The paint job on this piece is striking. Not a bad thing can be said, as the paint is extremely clean and professionally applied. The vibrant colors make this Wolverine feel like he’s straight from the 90s animated series. The strange rocky base which he stands upon is painted and shaded very well. The use of grays here helps the base to contrast itself from the rest of the statue. 

Wolverine’s tiger-striped costume is also really nice looking. The bright yellow absolutely pops, while the darker shading around his pectoral muscles and abdomen brings his already impressive musculature into focus. The solid red belt adds even more contrast to the figure, and the black ‘X’ is very prominent. 

Where Kotobukiya really knocks this paint job out of the park is in the blue portions of Wolverine’s costume. His boots and gloves look amazing. The boots are framed with solid black trim. The boots themselves are dark blue, with some black shaded in for good measures. The same blue and black combination of shading is also prevalent in his gloves. 

Wolverine’s skin tone is expertly applied. His arms are shaded well, which helps make the popping veins stand out. Wolverine’s portrait is also superb, as the same care is used. His lips have just the right amount of soft pink to them and his teeth are yellowed just enough to help show the intense animalistic rage that Wolverine is known for. Kotobukiya did a phenomenal job on the paint. 

Value – 3.5 out of 5  

+ Really cool design 

+ Great paint job 

This Kotobukiya Wolverine statue is a really cool piece. The design is awesome, though the base does leave something to be desired. For a smaller piece though, it’s definitely chocked full of detail. The problem many have with this statue is that the price point just seems a little bit too high in comparison with some of their past work. Overall, the paint is ultimately what separates this statue from others. 


  • RESTORE/Ikkei Jitsukata (sculptor)

Marvel Premium Collectibles Series Statue Details 



Product Size 

Height: 15.75″ (400.05 mm) 

Box Size 

Height: 13.00″ (330.2 mm) | Width: 15.00″ (381 mm) | Depth: 17.50″ (444.5 mm) 

Product Weight 

10.50 lbs (4.76 kg)