Cursed with the mutant ability to absorb the memories and abilities of others by making skin contact, Rogue lives a tragic life knowing that she can never directly touch another human being.  After years of being used for her powers by mutants such as Mystique, Rogue joins the Uncanny X-Men. With the help and guidance of Professor Charles Xavier, Rogue learns to use her “curse” for the benefit of both human- and mutant-kind. This is the review of Francisco Carlesimo’s custom 1:4 scale Rogue vs Sentinel statue. 

Sculpt & Design – 4.75 out of 5 Stars 

+ Fantastic statue concept 

+ Best sentinel design ever 

+ Awesome light-up feature for sentinel’s eyes 

+ Great definition in Rogue’s costume & musculature 

– Portraits aren’t the most accurate portrayal of Rogue 

One cannot truly appreciate just how magnificent this statue is without seeing it up close. We’ll do our best to put it into words. This sculpture is a masterpiece that overflows with painstaking hard work and detail. The concept behind this piece alone makes it one of the greatest-looking statues we’ve had the pleasure to review. 

We can’t go forward with this review without first taking a moment to gasp in awe at the sheer size of this statue. Coming in at the classic 1:4 scale, the head of the infamous giant robot Sentinel is massive. This statue is 31” tall, 25 1/2” deep, 17 3/4” wide, and weighs 44 lbs. The scale of this thing in relation to Rogue is just perfect. This is perhaps the very best version of a sentinel in statue form that we’ve ever seen. The attention to detail is simply on-point.  

Once you get over the mass of this piece, you’ll notice it also comes loaded with cool features. For one thing, the sentinel has an awesome light-up feature in the eyes. After seeing its eyes lit up, one can’t help but hear “Surrender Mutant” in the voice of the sentinels from the 1992 X-Men animated series. Rogue also comes with six interchangeable portraits which add great variety to an already amazing piece of art. 

Normally, we’d briefly mention the sculpting of the base during these statue reviews. This may be the first statue where the base is the star attraction. Rogue stands upon a base crafted from the neck of a sentinel. With her feet firmly dug into the metal circuitry, she holds the gigantic metal cranium of the mutant-murdering machine over her head, slowly tearing it from the spinal column.  

The battle damage on this monstrosity’s face is awesome. There are claw and burn marks all over the face. This sentinel has clearly taken everything the X-Men have thrown at it, and Rogue is the great equalizer in this battle. The detail on the sentinel is jaw-dropping. The exposed metal and wires being ripped apart by Rogue make this piece one-of-a-kind. The detached metal spinal column visible on the outside of this beast looks both brutal and beautiful. 

Rogue is wearing her classic Jim Lee-era outfit, which looks great.  The detail in her costume is fantastic. You can tell Rogue is using all her might to tear off the sentinel’s head by both the tensing of the muscles throughout her body and the wrinkles in her boots. The effort the artist put into Rogue’s biceps is a welcome sight. One of the coolest aspects of her costume is her leather jacket. Often this is a hit-or-miss concept. Francisco Carlesimo absolutely nailed the sculpting on this one. The texture, the cracks, and the way the jacket flows give the leather authenticity.  

This statue comes with six additional portraits (7 total), and the only negative thing to be said is that many of them don’t quite look like what we expect from the character.  A few of the smirking portraits of Rogue have too many masculine qualities in comparison to her classic look. Perhaps one or two of the portraits could stand to be more feminine. However, the portraits which show Rogue in an enraged state look appropriate given the battleground.  

Paint4.5 out of 5 Stars  

+ Absolutely phenomenal detail on outside part of sentinel head 

+ Detailed paint within the sentinel is fantastic 

– Yellow paint on legs bleeds into green paint and base 

The paint on this piece is exceptional in most aspects. The sentinel portion of this statue stands (with Rogue’s assistance) head and shoulders above the rest. The steely purple and gold on this giant’s face, along with its pale and unfeeling eyes, is something terrifying to behold. That is until the sentinel’s eyes light up red, at which point that terror is amplified to a deadly level. The burn marks and damage are brought to life by the artist’s excellent use of shading, and the use of grey paint displays the facial blemishes on the sentinel. 

The inside of the sentinel’s detached skull is a warped and ruined mess of mangled metal and severed circuitry, and it is painted to perfection. Darker shading brings attention to where the machine’s head is severed from its body. The remnants of red, blue, and green cables are torn with the exposed copper wiring revealed at the tear points, which are expertly painted.  

Rogue looks exquisite in her yellow and green costume. The yellow portion has great shading while the green portion of her costume has added detail when observed more closely. Rogue’s leather jacket really stands out. The transition from a lighter, faded brown in certain areas to a darker brown in others, along with the consistently superb shading, works flawlessly in conjunction with the textures to faithfully represent her leather jacket. The same attention to detail is applied to Rogue’s leather belt and side pouches.  

The skin tone for all 7 of Rogue’s portraits is consistent and exceptional in quality. The paint-work around her mouth is awesome. Her tongue and teeth look really good. Her striking green eyes look amazing. Her hair leaves something to be desired and could have used some variance among the individual strands, however it still looks just fine. 

Value – 5 out of 5 Stars 

+ Exceptionally detailed custom piece  

+ Added value of having seven different portraits 

+ One-of-a-kind statue (Only 70 exist) 

+ This custom statue is simply mesmerizing! 

This is one of the most creative designs ever used for a collectible statue. The first time you lay your eyes upon this enormous piece up close, you will be mesmerized. Rarely have we seen this amount of detail sculpted into a statue of this size and scale. It’s also one-of-a-kind, as only a grand total of 70 of these were created. Having seven different portraits to choose from is an added bonus. The price for this amazing statue is $1,500.00. Shipping will likely be expensive since it comes in two huge boxes. It’s currently not available through first-party sellers. If you manage to obtain this rare masterpiece, make sure you display it somewhere safe. Otherwise, you’ll “look nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs,” as Rogue herself would say.   


  • Francisco Carlesimo 

Custom Marvel Statue Details 

Product Size 

31″ H X 25.5″ D X 17.75″ W, Weight: 44lbs