The new trailer for the upcoming Morbius movie starring Jared Leto just dropped, and fans are buzzing over some of the Easter eggs revealed in the trailer. With several upcoming MCU films exploring the multiverse, this has left fans wondering where Morbius fits into the grand scheme of things. While the trailer seemingly hints that he fits into the mainstream MCU, there are also several references to Sony’s Venom movies. Let’s dive into some of the details of this mystery. 

Horizon & Oscorp 

A couple quick shots from the trailer show two very significant fictional companies that exist within the mainstream comic book world of Spider-Man. Oscorp is owned and operated by Spider-Man’s deadliest and most recurring villain, Norman Osborn, aka the Green Goblin, and can clearly be discerned from a scene from the trailer. In yet another shot, we see a glowing red sign which reads “Horizon.” Horizon Labs also exists in the comic books, and serves as a place of employment for Peter Parker in his later years. The lab also provides Spider-Man with plenty of helpful tech that he uses to protect New York. 

The Daily Bugle 

Later in the trailer, there is one brief shot of someone holding a Daily Bugle Newspaper. This provides a couple of different Easter eggs. Aside from confirming the existence of J. Jonah Jameson’s media company, the headlines also allude to two well-known Spider-Man characters. One headline reads “Rhino on the Loose: Zoo Hoax Fools Us All,” which may refer to the villain of the same name. Another reads: “Black Cat: Friend or Foe?” This obviously is in reference to Felicia Hardy’s Black Cat from the comics. Fans have been clamoring for the Black Cat to appear on the big screen for years.  

The Vulture? 

Michael Keaton makes a cameo in the trailer towards the end. Though there is little context to the scene, he does appear to be surrounded by police officers. He turns to Morbius and says, “Hey Dr. Mike. You and I should stay in touch.” This certainly appears to be a reprisal of his Vulture character from the recent Spider-Man movies. This seems to provide undeniable proof that the film exists within the MCU… Or does it?… 

Venom References 

While most of the previous references can be taken as either from the comics or the MCU, there are a few deliberate references to Sony’s Venom movies starring Tom Hardy. Two detectives who are working on a string of murders in the city seem to reference Venom when one says “We haven’t had anything this good since that thing in San Francisco.” While that could be considered a vague reference, the one at the end of the trailer is anything but. In the final scene from the trailer, Morbius disarms a man with a knife. The attacker then asks him who he is, to which Morbius responds “I am Venom.” After revealing his fangs, he then says “I’m just kidding. It’s Dr. Michael Morbius at your service.”

Check out the official trailer #2!: