The most efficient hunter of all time is coming to Marvel comics. Move over Kraven, because the Predator is set to begin his hunt in 2021. Marvel announced the arrival of the iconic monster franchise last July, along with Aliens, as well as Aliens vs Predator. These series will feature all-new stories that will include familiar and new characters. Both Aliens and Predator have carved out a huge piece of pop culture over the last 40 years, and Marvel looks to capitalize on a plethora of pre-existing source material. However, they also plan to explore never-before-seen corners of both universes, in an attempt to showcase some of the best stories never told. 

Predator Hunts the Marvel Universe 

To celebrate the arrival of the Predator, Marvel is releasing variant covers of several upcoming Marvel comic books. The iconic movie monster will be on the hunt for some of Marvel’s top superheroes in the form of six total variant covers set to be released this May. These awesome covers follow the release of several similarly themed Alien covers announced back in January.  

Some of the featured comic book heroes in the upcoming variants include Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Woman, Valkyrie, and Miles Morales: Spider-Man.  

These covers will depict artwork from some of the top talents in the industry including Cory Smith, Superlog, Mattia De Iulis, Juan José Ryp, Chris Sprouse, and Junggeun Yoon.  

Let’s take a look at the six covers and when they are set to be released! 

The first release is on May 5th with the variant cover of Amazing Spider-man #65, drawn by Cory Smith. 

That will be followed up on May 12th with two more variant covers: Fantastic Four #32 by Superlog Spider-Woman #12 by Juan José Ryp. 

On May 19th, we get variant covers of both The Mighty Valkyries #2 by Junggeun Yoon & Guardians of the Galaxy #14 by Chris Sprouse. 

Finally, May 26th sees the release of Miles Morales: Spider-Man #26, with the variant cover by Mattia De Iulis. 


These variant covers should get the fan base pumped up for what is sure to be a major acquisition for Marvel. With the upcoming release of the Predator into the pages of Marvel comics, we may eventually get to see some epic faceoffs down the line. Imagine the Predator on the hunt for Wolverine. That would be a dream confrontation only previously seen in fan art or the YouTube series Super Power Beatdown! 

WOLVERINE vs PREDATOR – Super Power Beat Down (Episode 9)