As we’ve talked about before, in the world of Marvel comics, not all mutants are created equal. Some mutants such as Storm, Magneto, Jean Grey, and Hope Summers are lucky enough to be born with the rare Omega level mutant gene. Still, others are left with mutations that only serve to make their lives more difficult. Many are born with physical deformities or attributes that make it impossible for them to live among regular humans. Furthermore, there are also some mutants who have significant abilities, but with the tradeoff of living with intense physical pain. One of these is the mutant known as Maggot. 

A Painful Discovery 

Maggot, who was once known as Japheth, was born in South Africa. He grew up with four siblings in a small village. As a child, Japheth suffered from intense intestinal pain, and was told by doctors that it was caused by cancer. After deciding to venture out on his own into the desert, he was discovered by Magneto, who at the time was searching for mutants to join him in his war against humankind. Magneto helped Japheth to discover the source of his pain, which were two large slug-like creatures within his body that acted as a sentient digestive system.  

An Offer Refused 

The two slugs, which he named Eany and Meany, devoured everything that Japheth ate and then absorbed the energy into his body. This absorption process gave him enhanced strength and durability and changed his skin color to blue. Japheth also discovered that he was able to communicate telepathically with the giant slugs.  After heading back to his home with Magneto, the two discovered that a group of rebels had killed Japheth’s father. Magneto slaughtered the rebels, which horrified Japheth. He vowed that he would not join Magneto’s cause.  

Pain Leads to Opportunity 

After some time of dealing with the intense physical pain that occurred every time Eany and Meany burrowed their way back into his body, Maggott finally decided to seek out Magneto for help. In seeking him out, he discovered the X-Men. He joined their ranks for a time, helping them in their fight against the Shadow King, but eventually Maggott decided to go out on his own again. 

Quiet Resurrection 

During his travels, Maggott was captured by the Weapon X program. He was then executed at a mutant internment camp, though one of his two slugs survived. He was later resurrected by Selene using magic and the techno-organic virus. However, Maggot has only been seen sporadically since that time. He was last seen helping the X-Men protect the teenage vigilantes known as the Children of the Atom.