A major story event of planetary proportions is being teased for the X-Men! Marvel has promised that the biggest X-Men comic ever will be released this June, and it is set to bring about changes that will rock the X-Men franchise for years to come.  

The Biggest X-Men Comic Ever! 

If you are a long-time fan of the X-Men comic book series, chances are you remember the epic masterpiece that was Giant-Size X-Men #1. Published by Marvel back in 1975, this special issue ushered in an entirely new era of the X-Men, presenting a brand-new team, which was formed to rescue the old one. This comic book introduced readers to iconic mutants Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, and (for those who weren’t familiar with him from his appearance in Hulk) Wolverine. This comic book served as the biggest and most important issue of the X-Men ever. 

46 years later, Marvel promises to top that epic with Planet-Size X #1.  

The Future of Mutant-Kind is at Stake 

Gerry Duggan and Pepe Larraz are inviting readers to the inaugural Hellfire Gala, where the very first team of Krakoan X-Men are set to be revealed to the world. All of mutant-kind has gathered at the new nation of Krakoa. Gone are the days of mutants being an endangered species, as they have now become a global superpower. Now, differing factions of mutants are grasping for power within the nation. Everything is leading up to the night of the Hellfire Gala. 

Aside from the double-sided one-shot, this humongous event will span 12 different titles with entirely separate original stories that will converge into one singular night.  

Editor Jordan D. White is promising that Planet-Size X #1 will be the most important issue of the month, and he cites artist Pepe Larraz as the star of the series:  

“Make no mistake—this is an X-Men book drawn by superstar artist Pepe Larraz. It is absolutely the most important issue of the month.” 

“Pepe is absolutely the star of the X-line and he is doing the most amazing work of his career. You cannot miss this.” 

This event will spark the next great chapter in Johnathan Hickman’s current run on the X-Men saga, and promises to reveal the future of all mutant-kind.