“Be proud, humans — — for before you perish on this lifeless orb you will be privileged to bear witness to the liberation of the Kree race……and the fulfillment of their ultimate destiny!”

Hailing from the planet Hala, Ronan is a Kree warrior who rose through the ranks of the Kree Empire, where he was eventually appointed “Supreme Accuser of the Kree Empire” by the Supreme Intelligence. He is more commonly known as “Ronan the Accuser.”

Sculpt & Design – 3.75 out of 5

+ Great classic costume design with a ton of detail worked in

+ Awesome base and hammer

Let’s get this review started by talking about how awesome it is to have Ronan the Accuser in 1:4 statue form. While some of the other galactic baddies such as Thanos, Super Skrull, or even Galactus are more commonly represented, Ronan simply doesn’t get the attention he so rightly deserves. It’s due time he and his war-hammer are sculpted to life.

Ronan stands proudly in all his Kree pride atop a futuristic steel-like base, which probably represents some kind of platform from the Kree home world. The Supreme Accuser of the Kree Empire has a stoic look upon his face, and stands with a sense of purpose and duty to his empire. His legs are spread apart and he’s wielding his infamous Universal Weapon in his left hand.

The base is very nice looking and it has a steel appearance. It appears that there are a set of steps leading upwards and Ronan is protecting whatever is above. There is a roughness to the base, almost like a rigid rockiness to it. Ronan’s weapon hilt is firmly planted into the ground, which is cracking around the impact point.

Ronan is wearing a very classic version of his armor. An abundance of detail is sculpted throughout the armor. His boots have an appearance akin to chainmail, as does his chest armor. The under armor on his arms and legs is segmented, whereas the armor is much thicker everywhere else. His belt looks great with armor hanging from it that has a similar style to that of a samurai warrior.

The gloves are very thick and padded, with some sharp knuckles embedded in them. Ronan has a set of shoulder pads on as well, which also have some spikes added for intimidation. He has a hood which also appears to be made of the same chainmail used in his boots and chest armor. His portrait is very stern and comes off well for Ronan’s personality.

Paint – 4.5 out of 5

+ Comic accurate color scheme

+ Great mix of various shades of green accentuated by the gold trim

The silver paint used on the base of the figure gives it a certain shine that really stands out, while still differentiating itself from the Accuser’s Kree war-hammer. The design embedded on the otherwise silver weapon is bright blue, which represents the powerful energy that resides within this “Cosmi-Rod.”

Ronan’s costume is painted in several shades of green along with golden trim that helps accentuate the rest of the costume. The paint appears very clean. The armor on his arms and legs is olive green, while most of the chainmail portions are more of a classic green. The gold is trimmed throughout the armor and the insignia on his chest is lighter in color.

The only portion of Ronan’s body showing is his face, which like all of the Kree race, is blue. For what little bit that is showing, his face is shaded well enough to help frame a very masculine portrait. Ronan also has blank yellow eyes with no pupils, and a green headpiece underneath the hood, which is also trimmed with gold.

Value – 4 out of 5

+ Rare piece as only 50 were made

+ One of the only statues of Ronan out there

This amazing custom piece is really great looking. The aforementioned detail that was embedded in this guy is impressive, and the paint is also just as spectacular. Seeing this character in statue form is also a welcome sight, as he is a rarity in the world of Marvel character statues. Additionally, there were only 50 of these statues made. If you can manage to get your hands on one of them, it’s a worthy addition to any collection.