In this week’s review, there’s a fight brewing at the local pool hall and our favorite Canadian mutant is at the center of it. This Logan figure from Sideshow is captivating us all. Read on to see why we love this hot-headed bad boy.

Sculpt and Design – 4 out of 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sideshow has really outdone itself on the sculpt here, courtesy of rockstar digital artist, Daniel Bel. It’s clear from the design that Logan was just looking for a quiet night out at the bar when someone disturbed the peace.
The base of the sculpture is made from the broken barroom floor. You can see the subfloor joists exposed beneath the hardwood slats. The detritus of a broken bottle, scattered pool balls, and a ruined bar stool litter the ground. Logan uses the stool to position himself, resting his left boot on its side. His other foot shows him ready to spring into action, with only the ball of his foot still on the ground.
Overall Logan’s pose is one that could easily be described as a prelude to violence. He’s hunched over slightly with his arms engaged and his claws at the ready. It would be easy to imagine the brawler leaping from his current position and sinking his claws into his foe.
Logan’s claws are gleaming adamantium as usual, and the muscles of his arms are huge. Their bulk defies anything but comic book logic. His veins bulge all over. The sculpture even hints at Logan’s well-known hirsute nature with a dusting of hair from his shoulders to his wrists.
The exclusive version of this figure comes with two interchangeable portraits, both displaying Logan’s dazzling hair and mutton chops.
The first shows Logan in what one might describe as a taunting, “come at me” expression. One of his eyebrows arches somewhat quizzically. His nose is wrinkled and his mouth is set in a wide grin. “You want some more?” he seems to say. On the upper right side of his forehead you can see where he’s taken some damage and his skin has pulled away to reveal part of his adamantium-covered skull. It’s a chilling but realistic detail.
The second portrait shows the more animalistic side of Logan. Here his eyebrows furrow and his mouth is set in an endless roar of fury. This is the face of a man about to pounce on his enemy, a war cry bursting from him as he jumps into the fray.
Logan wears his dog tags around his neck from his time in the Canadian army during World Wars I and II. He’s also clad in a beautifully sculpted white muscle shirt.
For his pants, Sideshow opted to clad Logan in real fabric jeans for a mixed media look. It’s a risky move, but it works. The character looks like he came right off the lumber yard into the bar. As a final nod to his heritage, Logan wears a leather belt with a maple leaf belt buckle.

Paint – 4 out of 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The paint work on this figure is wonderful and has many standout areas. The realism in the wood planks of the floor, the scuffed metal of the barstool, and the other detritus on the floor is top notch.
It’s also worth mentioning that the attention to detail on Logan’s boots is very well done. They are leather cowboy boots and they have a sort of gradient quality to them, showing where they’ve worn out some and where they retain any of their newness.
The painting on Logan’s skin is some of the best we’ve seen. His skin tone is right on the money with a subtle blue wash thanks to his many bulging veins. The dusting of hair along his arms is executed well. Although this reviewer expects Logan to be a bit on the hairier side, what Sideshow has turned out is still impressive.
The portraits are similarly well done. Logan’s eyes are a yellowish green color, his teeth a slightly faded/yellowed white, and he has a bit of stubble between the ends of his mutton chops. The red tones in the shadows of Logan’s wrinkles give him an overall ruddy complexion that suits the mutant perfectly. It’s clear he has spent his fair share of time laboring under the sun.
Most impressive is the paint work on Logan’s white muscle shirt. Far from pristine, the shirt is painted to be just a little bit dingy, with dark shadows where the creases lie. The stitching is meticulously painted, and there’s a series of folds on the lower left side of his back that is especially convincing and realistic.
If Sideshow said that the tank top was actually a fabric piece as well, we would believe them in a heartbeat. The muscle shirt is just that well done.
Two points of contention here.
One, Logan’s hair is a bit flat. Not in volume — no, Logan has plenty of volume in that ‘do — but it’s painted in what looks like a flat black without highlights. There’s no sense of shadow or light playing on his hair, and it’s a disappointment after we’ve seen what the painters can do with the shadows on his face and his shirt.
Two, maybe it’s a trick of the lighting, but Logan’s thumbnails appear overly purple. We understand the fact that he is clenching his fists and therefore blood is going to pool in that area. Nonetheless, it almost looks like he’s wearing purple nail polish. It’s one of the first things the viewer notices and that’s not good.

Value – 3.5 out of 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️✨

This Exclusive Marvel Logan Premium Format Figure has an edition size of 1250. The retail price is $580, available on payment plans if necessary.
That’s a really low price, for how good overall this statue is. Logan is a popular character and we have no doubt that this will make a good collector’s item. There are a couple of things, that would have increased its value score. The dog tags are blank, and missing any details. The paint in the mouth , and teeth, are missing any kind of moisture and fall quite flat. The mixed media (cloth pants) is a realistic touch, but it’s always a concern if it will hold up, or discolor over time. However, since the figure is not yet sold out we have to wonder how its market value will change over time.
Nevertheless, this is a great looking piece and we recommend adding it to your collection.


Product Size

Height: 15″ (381 mm) | Width: 9″ (228.6 mm) | Depth: 12.5″ (317.5 mm) | Weight: 10 lbs (4.54 kg) *

Box Size

Height: 10.00″ (254 mm) | Width: 22.00″ (558.8 mm) | Depth: 26.00″ (660.4 mm) | *
Dimensional Weight
25.00 lbs (11.34 kg) [Intl. 35.00 lbs (15.88 kg)]


● Daniel Bel (Sculpt) (Design)
● Adam Smith (Mold and Cast)
● Tim Hanson (Costume Fabrication)
● Casey Love (Paint)
● Esther Skandunas (Costume Fabrication)
● Richard Luong (Design)
● Andrew Huerta (Design)