The Astonishing X-Men Cyclops and Colossus battle the murderous Sentinel. 

Sculpt & Design – 4.5 out of 5 Stars 

+ Creative base design 

+ Light-up feature 

+ Detailed Sentinel wreckage 

Sideshow Collectibles has been going strong for a long time, and this awesome centerpiece helps showcase that fact. Cyclops and Colossus are portrayed in all of their astonishing glory, as they fight off the dreaded mutant hunting Sentinel. Colossus uses his considerable might to decapitate the monstrous robot, while Cyclops preps for the next wave of attack.  

All said, this polystone diorama has a really cool design with some bonus features that really brings this epic battle to life. Cyclops and Colossus both look great. Cyclops is in full on leadership mode, gritting his teeth and preparing an optic blast for the next wave. Colossus is showing off his considerable musculature while heaving the decapitated Sentinel head high above his own.  

The sculptor does an amazing job of bringing these two veteran X-Men to life. They both wear faces that show the grit and determination that they’ve acquired through years of fighting for mutant-kind. Their bodies are trained to peak form, as their muscles contract during this life-threatening confrontation.  

The real life of this diorama lies within the remnants and debris of the murderous robot Sentinel. The cranium of this behemoth is expertly designed to show the complete lack of emotion and empathy from such a devastating creation. The Sentinel blindly obeys the orders that are synonymous with its existence, to eradicate all mutants from the Earth.  

The circuitry underneath its head shows the intricacy of its creators. The real bonus of this masterpiece is the flashing lights, which showcase the sparking remains of this Sentinel’s circuitry. This feature also extends to Cyclops and his visor, which glows red when the switch at the statue’s base is activated. 

Paint – 4 out of 5 Stars 

+ Color variety 

+ Great shading on Sentinel head  

Given that this diorama is representative of the Astonishing X-Men run first drawn by John Cassady, it mostly lives up to his artwork. The paint is clean in most parts, though the age of the piece does show through mostly in Cyclops’ face.  

The overall palette of colors in this one is diverse. Cyclops and Colossus are both wearing their Astonishing uniforms, which complement one another well due to the stark difference in color schemes. Cyclops is wearing dark blue, while Colossus dons his red and gold uniform. Meanwhile, the Sentinel head has the classic purple and tan to go with its lifeless red eyes. To add even more variety, the severed Sentinel hand on the base is light blue with the orange laser weapon in its palm. 

The brushwork on the Sentinel head is especially impressive. The outer shell of his forehead is shaded perfectly. There are scorch marks on the outside of the robot’s head as well, which show the lasting damage brought on by the X-Men in this battle. This point is really driven home with the additional damage in the Sentinel debris, which also looks awesome. 

When you add the light-up feature to this already colorful piece, it becomes one of the most vibrant dioramas in existence. This one will always stand out in a crowd.  

Value – 4.5 out of 5 Stars 

This piece is a grail for many collectors, with only 650 of these out in circulation. For a statue that is over 15 years old, it holds up extremely well.  The malfunctioning Sentinel effects look fantastic.  Though several statues include similar lighting effects, this one stands out above the rest. Because this came out in 2005, it will cost quite a bit from third party sellers, but this one is well worth it for serious collectors. 

Extra Features 

  • Light-up features on Sentinel and Cyclops 


  • Sideshow Collectibles 


Marvel Premium Collectibles Series Statue Details  


Poly stone 

Product Size  

Height: 19″ (482.6 mm) 

Width: 17″ (431.8 mm) 

Weight: 23.00 lbs. (10.43 kg)  

Box Size 

Height: 14.00″ (355.6 mm) 

Width: 19.00″ (482.6 mm)  

Depth: 22.00″ (558.8 mm) 

Product Weight 

23.00 lbs. (10.43 kg)