Issue #2 of “the Death of Doctor Strange” was just released, and it sheds some major light on the mysterious final pages of Issue #1. Doctor Stephen Strange was murdered by an unseen entity at his front door. His closest friends, as well as one of his oldest enemies, have gathered together at the scene of the crime in an attempt to uncover the details of his untimely demise. [SPOILERS AHEAD] 

A ‘Strange’ Contingency Plan 

Leave it to the Sorcerer Supreme to always have a contingency plan in place for when the crap hits the fan. Following his apparent death, his allies gathered around his lifeless body. On the final page of issue #1, they were all left in shock as another Doctor Strange walked into the room. The new (or old?) Doctor Strange informed his colleagues that he had a contingency plan in place for if he was ever to meet his end. He severed off one week from his own timeline to create a temporal remnant of himself, so that he could put his affairs in order. Unfortunately, the remnant Strange is shocked to discover that there is no current Sorcerer Supreme, meaning that the magical barriers protecting the Earth from dimensional threats are now broken. 

A Terrifying New Threat 

The gathered allies were next visited by Clea, who warned them that she was fleeing the “Three Mothers,” whom she called the Wyrd, the Crown, and the Crawling. The three grotesque creatures were searching for food for their “child,” and quickly made their presence known. The three scoffed at Strange and his allies for attempting to stand between them and what they required. 

Avengers Assemble! 

Captain America and the Avengers quickly joined the confrontation as well, warning the three Mothers to back off. A battle ensued, but did not go well for the Avengers. Thor challenged the Crown, who mocked his power in comparison to her own. The monstrous Crawling easily fended off Iron Man and Captain Marvel. Meanwhile, the Wyrd fought off the Avengers while simultaneously mapping the world for enough magic to feed their child. After revealing to her sisters that the world was full of magic, she motioned them to leave. The Crown warned that they would return to finish the job, before the three retreated through a portal. 

The Three Mothers 

This was a superb second issue to this series. The story was intriguing, and left far more questions than answers. More than that, the three new villainesses are fascinating. Discovering more about their motivations is something that fans can look forward to in issue #3. That includes discovering the identity of their “child.” The few references made to it in this issue make it out to be a much greater threat than the sisters themselves, who made short work of the Avengers. Issue #3 is scheduled for release on November 17th