Throughout his illustrious career as Captain America, Steve Rogers has had a number of different allies and sidekicks. Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson are the most famous of these partners, but there are a number of other less-than-memorable allies who have partnered up with Cap to help him in his heroic pursuits. Rather than focus on just one, let’s look as a few of Captain America’s forgotten allies. 

Jack Flagg 

As you can imagine, Captain America has a fairly large fan base. Count Jack Harrison and his brother Drake among them. They started a Captain America computer hotline network in their hometown of Sandhaven, Arizona. After a run-in with the Serpent Society left Drake paralyzed from the waist down, Jack took up the name Jack Flagg and helped Captain America bring the society down. Flagg later went on to serve with the Guardians of the Galaxy before returning to Earth to rejoin Steve Rogers in his battle against Hydra. Unfortunately for Jack, Steve had been replaced by an alternate reality version of himself who was loyal to Hydra. When Jack disobeyed a direct order, Hydra Cap threw him from a moving plane. Jack fell into a coma and later succumbed to his injuries.  

Golden Girl 

Elizabeth Ross was a young FBI agent when Steve Rogers was transformed into Captain America. She was charged with protecting the Project: Rebirth experiment. Unfortunately, a Nazi agent slipped passed her and assassinated Dr. Abraham Erskine after Captain America was created. Betsy assisted Captain America and Bucky on several occasions before they both disappeared. As Golden Girl, she served alongside Rogers’ replacement Jeffery Mace. The two became romantically linked through years of working together and retired sometime in the 1950’s to start a family together.  


Rachel Leighton was originally a member of the Serpent Society, a villainous group who often came into conflict with Captain America. At some point, Diamondback began to develop feelings for Cap. This drew her away from the Serpent Society, who eventually voted to execute her for her betrayal. She was saved by some of her allies within the group. Following this, she became an ally of Captain America for many years, dating him as well. She even sided with Cap during the superhero Civil War. She also temporarily joined SHIELD before becoming a mercenary.  


Jack Monroe served as the third Bucky in the 1950’s. Monroe and the new Captain America, William Burnside, were given a variation of the super soldier serum that helped create the original Captain America. They specialized in fighting communism, but eventually became paranoid schizophrenics due to side effects from the super soldier treatment. They were both put into suspended animation for several years. Monroe was eventually rehabilitated and took on the name Nomad, becoming a vigilante who often helped the homeless. He even adopted an abandoned young girl and named her ‘Bucky.’ In a twist of fate, Monroe was killed by the original Bucky, who returned as the Winter Soldier.