In the extended comic book universe of the X-Men, there are a number of odd, peculiar, and downright bizarre mutants in existence. For every humanoid mutant capable of blending in with the general public without drawing attention to themselves, there are some who are unable to hide the physical attributes of their mutations. Many have often fled to live with the subterranean Morlocks. However, some mutants have an even more difficult time hiding than the Morlocks. Enter the mutant Mammomax. 

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room… 

Imagine a bipedal elephant with the intelligence of a human being and a bad attitude to boot. That description sums up Mammomax perfectly. Very little is known about this unique mutant’s origin, other than his name. Born Maximus Jensen, Mammomax somehow remained a relative unknown among the mutant community until joining Exodus’ Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. While with the Brotherhood, Mammomax had his first encounter with the X-Men in Philadelphia. Though the enormous mutant boasted an impressive amount of superhuman strength, as well as an ability to expel corrosive stomach acid from his mouth, he was no match for the X-Men’s Iceman. 

The 198 

For such an impressive specimen, Mammomax’s first appearance wasn’t very memorable. His time with the Brotherhood came to an end after receiving a beatdown from the Juggernaut. After the events of M-Day however, Mammomax was fortunate enough to be one of the 198 remaining mutants left with their abilities intact. He took up refuge at the Xavier Institute for a time, but left along with several other mutants who were unhappy with their treatment. 

What happened to Mammomax? 

Mammomax’s brief streak of luck ran out after he was captured by the Facility, where he was experimented on before being consumed by Predator X. He was resurrected later at the hands of The Five. Afterwards he joined the new mutant nation of Krakoa. He was eventually recruited by the mutant Magik to be a member of her Dark Riders. He helped the team to defeat Harrower, stopping her from manipulating Man-Thing’s body into taking over the world.