Anyone who grew up a fan of the X-Men can probably relate to the plights of mutant-kind in some way, shape, or form. That’s the great appeal of Marvel’s mutants. They’re far more relatable than your average superhero. It’s not the only appeal though. The other big allure is their mutant powers. Who hasn’t sat with their friends and discussed what mutant has the best power? In their extensive history, Marvel has introduced thousands of different mutants, which means there is a huge variety of mutant powers to choose from. However, there are also some powers that aren’t exactly all that appealing. 


Enter Eye-Scream. 

Eye-Scream was a mutant who felt a bit farcical in comparison to Professor Xavier’s X-Men. His mutant power, as his name vaguely implied, gave him the ability to turn his body into ice cream. While that might sound like the lamest mutant power of all time, it should be noted that he could turn into any flavor of ice cream he wanted. Because of Eye-Scream’s insecurity about his own mutant ability, he decided to take his frustrations out by destroying Xavier’s Danger Room, which he had heard about while speaking to other mutants.  

A clown takes the fall 

Eye-Scream began his infiltration of the X-Mansion by taking advantage of a cynical clown named “Obnoxio,” who had been hired by Xavier to perform at Kitty Pryde’s birthday party. Eye-Scream somehow overloaded Cerebro, which simultaneously knocked Professor Xavier unconscious, and set off the X-Mansion’s security system. At the very same moment, Obnoxio was at the front door. This led to an unfortunate misunderstanding between the X-Men and the clown, since the mutant team mistook him for the intruder. Eye-Scream’s mutant ability to melt down into ice cream allowed him to infiltrate the Danger Room’s control area, which he hoped to use to destroy the X-Men and Obnoxio once and for all. 

Xavier discovers the truth 

While Obnoxio impressively held off all of the X-Men at once, Professor Xavier regained consciousness and discovered the true threat. Xavier remotely lowered the temperature of the Danger Room control area to below freezing, which effectively turned Eye-Scream into a frozen block of ice. He then revealed to the X-Men that he hired Obnoxio for Kitty’s birthday party. However, the temperamental clown decided that he was no longer in the mood to entertain, and took his leave. As for Eye-Scream, he was never heard from again. We can only assume that he was locked up in a refrigerated prison cell at the Raft.