The X-Men have always been a cash cow for Marvel comics. Their popularity knows no bounds, and appeals to a wider variety of audiences. This is in part due to the massive number of mutants who have graced the pages of X-Men, or any of their spinoffs such as X-Factor and X-Force. However, some mutants just don’t get their due. Maybe it’s because of a lack of fan interest at the time or perhaps they just haven’t been written in the right story. Either way, we think it’s time these mutants get some credit. Here are the top 5 most underrated and underappreciated mutants of the X-books.  


If there’s one thing you can say about Alison Blaire, it’s that timing has never been her thing. She was first introduced as a disco dancing, roller skating, singer in 1980. The problem for Dazzler was that in 1980, disco was already long dead. Despite her rocky origins, Dazzler was heavily sought after by both the X-Men and the villainous Hellfire Club. Her mutant ability to convert sonic waves into light beams is no joke. She proved as much when she once absorbed Black Bolt’s destructive voice. 


Many comic book fans don’t even realize that Angelica Jones, a.k.a. Firestar, is a mutant. She is perhaps best known for being one of Spider-Man’s ‘Amazing Friends’ along with Iceman. Firestar is one of the rare characters that appeared in cartoon form first, only later debuting in an actual comic book. Her ability to absorb and generate intense microwave heat has made her a reliable ally for Spider-Man on numerous occasions, and gained her membership into the Avengers. She is also a founding member of the New Warriors. 


In a world full of crazy mutant powers such as telepathy, telekinesis, super-strength, and energy manipulation, it’s easy to see why Forge is often overlooked. Though he’s been an essential member of both the X-Men and X-Force for decades, he’s often just looked at as ‘the weapons guy.’ This is because Forge has the mutant ability to invent almost any mechanical device conceivable. While his powers aren’t as flashy as others, Forge has been the living embodiment of a “trump card” for the X-Men on many occasions when facing great threats.



To be fair, most fans know who Polaris (Lorna Dane) is. She’s Magneto’s daughter, and she shares his powers of manipulating magnetic fields. Though she’s not quite an Omega level mutant like her father, she is teetering on that edge as an Alpha. She’s also one of the first mutants not on the Original X-Men lineup to join the team, even though her stay was quite brief. Honestly, what holds Polaris back the most are her more famous (or perhaps infamous) siblings. Everyone knows the deeds of the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. 


Much like his longtime love interest Polaris, Havok has a rocky history with the X-Men. He joined the team with her as one of the first recruits outside of the original lineup. Just like Polaris, his stay was brief. Havok (real name Alex Summers) also suffers from being in the shadow of his older brother Cyclops (Scott Summers), who is perhaps the most famous field leader in the history of the X-Men. In spite of all this, Havok often resurfaces in major leadership roles himself. He’s led the X-Men, X-Factor, and the Uncanny Avengers. It’s only a matter of time before he steps completely out of his brother’s shadow.