If you are a comic book collector, chances are you make a great effort in caring for your collection. Maybe you never plan on selling your collection, but you still want your books to be in as pristine condition as possible. On the other hand, maybe you’ll come to a point where necessity demands a bit of extra cash, so selling some classic comic books might help you out in a financial bind. In the latter’s case, getting the most money out of whatever you’re selling is essential. It is unfortunately still likely that your comic collection may accumulate imperfections over the years, in spite of your vigilance in keeping it well protected. Even with extreme precautions, it’s not uncommon to find warped or wrinkled pages in some of your comics.

Of course, you do have options.

Assuming your comic book is only warped and not ripped or stained, there are methods to treat crinkled pages. One such option is a technique called comic book pressing. This is a process through which a comic book is flattened out as much as possible. A press uses heat to smooth out any wrinkles or imperfections. This works very well as long as the imperfection hasn’t already broken the color of the pages. More often than not, the results are so good that the book can appear brand new.

Comic book pressing is something that is considered to be a professional trade, and as such, the details are considered a trade secret among many people in the comic book industry. This can make it difficult to find exact step-by-step details about the process.

So where can you get a comic book pressed?

Believe it or not, most book retailers and comic book stores own comic presses. Just ask your local comic retailer for details. Otherwise, there are a plethora of places you can find online that will press comic books.

In many cases, collectors would rather learn the process themselves.

It is a pain to have to pay every time you need to press a comic, and most collectors have a great amount of them. The good news is, despite being a trade secret among professionals, there are many sources and guides online for DIY pressing. In fact, you can buy a comic press from online retailers such as Amazon. It can be a process to learn, and many will still claim that paying a trained professional is the better route. However, with some simple trial and error, you can learn to be proficient with a comic press. Simply practicing for a while with bargain bin comics is the best way to get better.

If you plan on sending your comic books to the CGC to be graded, it is a fantastic idea to get them pressed beforehand. It may make a big difference on the grade they receive. Doing this, and following some of the other tips we’ve covered in our previous blog on selling your comic books, will ensure you receive the most out of your investment.