Handpicked by Charles Xavier himself as field commander of the X-Men, few have accomplished more for mutant-kind than Scott Summers.  Suffering a head injury as a child, Summers struggled with controlling his mutant power, an optic blast which radiates from his eyes and has the destructive force to destroy mountains. With the guidance of Xavier, Summers learned to harness that power and become the mutant known as Cyclops. This is the review for the XM Studios Marvel Premium Collectibles series statue of Cyclops.    

Sculpt & Design – 4.25 out of 5 Stars 

+ Statue is extremely detailed 

+ Cool light-up feature on optic blast visor 

+ Sculpt features a great update to a classic costume 

+ Face sculpt is fantastic (Teeth look really good) 

– Shoulder strap blends in with body 

As always, XM Studios has done a phenomenal job of bringing one of Marvel’s most famous characters to life with this statue of the X-Men’s own Cyclops. This is a beautiful piece that takes a classic Jim Lee-era costume and modernizes it with upgrades and added detail.   

This magnificent statue comes in two versions. Both versions come with a light-up feature on Cyclops’ visor to simulate his optic blast. Version A comes with just one torso, and version B comes with an extra torso which changes the look of the statue entirely. Version B also comes with an extra display base, which is awesome as it gives you the opportunity to display the unused torso rather than storing it away somewhere.  

Starting from the base up, this statue is highly detailed. Cyclops stands upon a base of rubble and sentinel wreckage. The debris, as well as the circuitry and steel, are masterfully sculpted. Cyclops leads an epic battle against the monstrous robotic mutant hunting sentinels. Even considering the cliché of X-Men statue bases made of sentinel debris, this one manages to stand out because of the great attention to detail.  

Cyclops sports his classic Jim Lee-era costume, but with some modern modifications. The spandex costume is updated to appear more akin to athletic sportswear. It’s textured in different parts to be more breathable. His belt has several pouches sculpted throughout, and his shoulder straps are altered to be segmented, which looks really cool. The ‘X’ symbol on his chest looks great, but the one on his belt appears slightly uneven. The boots and gloves have a great amount of detail, and Cyclops’ musculature is very well done. 

Great detail was sculpted into each torso and portrait combination. Both versions A and B come with the torso-portrait combo of Cyclops standing with his left hand to his side, his right hand at the ready to activate his optic blast visor at any moment. His face is stoic, perfectly summarizing Cyclops’ calm demeanor during intense battle situations. Version B comes with the torso of Cyclops with his fists clenched to his side. In this portrait however, Cyclops is showing a great deal of emotion. His head aims toward the sky while a look of agonizing rage forms upon his face. Both portraits are brilliantly sculpted. The stoic, controlled look marvelously portrays the calm and cool leader that Cyclops usually is, while version B shows a rare glimpse of him losing control of his emotions. This amazing contrast in demeanor adds a welcome variety for fans displaying this piece. 

Paint3.75 out of 5 Stars  

+Paint on classic blue costume looks fantastic 

+ Really cool base with optimal paint detail 

– Paint is a bit messy on parts of shoulder strap 

– resin used to “fill-in” gap between strap and body 

The paint on this piece is almost perfect. The base of the statue is extremely detailed. Unlike many statue bases, there were no shortcuts taken by the artist here. The rustic purple and blue used for the fallen sentinel looks amazing. It’s blended beautifully, with silver driving home the fact that it is a robot. The painting of circuitry shows the frayed wires from the fallen behemoth, and the steel beams in the background are painted in a way which shows they’ve been freshly sheared apart by an optic blast. 

The bright blue used through Cyclops’ bodysuit is shaded very well. The added shading around the seams and folds of his costume compliment the classic 90s outfit amazingly well. Unlike the solid yellow usually used for this costume, parts of the shoulder straps and the visor are now gold. This gives Cyclops more of a dignified look. The one downside to the shoulder straps is that, rather than being contoured to his body, resin was used to fill in the would-be gaps that should exist between his body and the straps. This makes the paint look somewhat sloppy, but only if you’re looking at it closely from the side. 

The skin tone for both portraits looks great. The subtle shading around the normal portrait helps frame Cyclops’ face well, giving him that classic “boy scout” good guy look. Looking closely, he has a subtle five o’clock shadow.  The exclusive version B portrait is astonishing. The paintwork in and around his mouth really shows the emotional rage Cyclops is experiencing. This is important considering the eyes often better show this kind of emotion, and Cyclops obviously can’t reveal his eyes due to his mutant power. 

Value – 4.0 out of 5 Stars 

+ Extra torso completely changes statue look 

+ Extra base for unused statue to display 

+ Great price considering the limited supply 

XM Studio’s Cyclops is a fantastic piece to have in your collection, especially if you’re an X-Men fan.  Version A costs $1,099 SGD, while the prestige price is $989.10 SGD. The retail price for Version B is $1,250 SGD, with the prestige price coming in at $1,125 SGD. Version B offers the most value because of the added torso, which gives the statue an entirely new look. With the added base that also comes with version B, you essentially get two statues. The added light-up feature for Cyclops’ optic blast is also an awesome bonus for either version. “Leading with certainty into an uncertain future doesn’t require sight. It requires vision.” Take a page out of Cyclops’ book and don’t miss out on this statue. 


  • Studio Hive (Illustrator, Design and Concept Collaboration with XM Studios) 
  • Rafael Mustaine, Paul Tan, Marthin Agusta (Sculpt) 
  • XM Studios Design and Development Team 

Marvel Premium Collectibles Series Statue Details  


Cold-cast porcelain 

Product Size  

36 cm L X 31 cm B X 52 cm H, Weight: 7.5 Kg 

Box Size 

84 cm L X 74 cm B X 27 cm H 

Shipping Weight 

20 kg