“Too bad we don’t have a catchy assembly call! You know, like “Champions Convene” or something!” 

Bobby Drake is one of the original five X-Men chosen by Professor Charles Xavier to help fight for harmony between humanity and mutant-kind, and to help defend humanity against radical mutants such as the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. As Iceman, Drake has the ability to turn his entire body into ice, as well as the ability to manipulate ice by freezing water vapor. 

Sculpt & Design – 4.75 out of 5 stars 

+ Ice Slide looks great  

+ Vey dynamic pose! 

+ Seamless design of body 

+ Anatomy is amazingly sculpted 

XM Studios would make artists such as Michelangelo proud with this version of Iceman. Bobby Drake slides into action on his famous ice slide, while fighting off the many threats of the X-Mansion’s “Danger Room.” 

Artistically, this is an absolutely astonishing sculpture. Iceman has one of the most dynamic poses of all the statues that XM Studios has released, and that’s a huge compliment considering their wonderful track record.  

The base of this massive piece represents the aforementioned Danger Room. Drake is utilizing his mutant abilities to slide over what appears to be a giant rail gun. The base design is nice, considering Danger Room bases are second in usage only to Sentinel wreckage. It’s nothing to brag about, but it gets the job done. 

Everything above the base is where Iceman really shines. His most often used mutant power is on full display and it’s done masterfully. The glacier-like slide looks like it could sink the Titanic. Rather than having a smooth appearance, the slide is jagged, icy, and crystalized.  

Iceman is dynamically posed and it’s spectacular to behold. His right hand is pointing to his side, guiding him gracefully to a more tactical position. Iceman’s head is turned to his left, as he aims his other arm towards the immeasurable threats of the Danger Room, firing off some icy projectiles. 

Iceman’s body is seamless in sculpt, and differs in texture from the ice slide, with a slightly less rocky appearance. His anatomy looks wonderful, and portions of his shoulders are beginning to mimic the more chiseled style of his slide. Iceman’s pose invokes comparison to the work of the Italian artist Michelangelo.  

Iceman benefits from not having a secondary portrait, as his neck is seamless. His portrait is clean, with a noticeable scowl upon his face. There are some slightly noticeable seams near his shoulders. Also, the magnet which holds his ice projectiles to his hand is somewhat noticeable if you look close enough, since his arms are partly translucent.  

Paint – 4.25 out of 5 Stars  

+ Iceman’s body differs greatly from ice slide 

+ Great use of blue tinting 

The base pops well in comparison to Iceman and his slide. The use of purple, gold, silver, and neon blue goes over well here. This brings the Danger Room’s artificial intelligence to life, just as the comics do. 

XM Studios did an amazing job painting the body. The ice powers look fantastic, leaning heavy on the use of white paint, with a splash of blue tinted in. Iceman is covered completely in his ice form; therefore, he is very uniform in his color. However, his body differs quite a bit from the ice slide in that much more shading and tinting appears throughout his form. 

His arms are white and partially translucent, which looks great since his powers always materialize through the use of his arms. His body is very white, but highlighted exquisitely with hints of blue. This gives Iceman a very ‘cool’ outward form. His piercing eyes represent the whitest part of his body. 

Value – 4.5 out of 5 Stars 

+ Very artistic statue 

+ Great sculpt and dynamic pose 

Iceman slides in at $1,299.00 SGD, and there is a $400 deposit. He is definitely worth the price tag due to the fantastic sculpt and design by XM Studios. His pose is perhaps the most dynamic that we’ve seen, and more than anything else, this statue is just artistic to its very core. If you get the chance, definitely pick this guy up! 

Extra Features 

  • Specially developed cold-cast polyresin material (Solid and heavy) 
  • Limited edition: MTO 
  • Art print by Carlos Dattoli 


  • Studio HIVE (Illustrator, Design and Concept Collaboration with XM Studios) 
  • Philip Herman (Sculpt) 
  • XM Studios Design and Development Team 

Marvel Premium Collectibles Series Statue Details  

Prototype shown is pending final approval. 

Product Size  

60 cm L X 40 cm B X 52 cm H 

Box Size 

86 cm L X 55 cm B X 32 cm H 

Product Weight 

17.5 Kg 

Shipping Weight 

29 kg